Dornheim 3D Scanner App

With the help of the Dornheim 3D Scanner app, you can quickly and easily make 3D scans with the TrueDepth camera of your iPhone or iPad. The scan range is displayed live in 3D and can be variably adjusted to hide unwanted background.

These 3D scans are only stored and processed locally on your device, where they can also be viewed directly interactively and deleted again if required.

Extension via in-apps

Dornheim 3D Scanner with export and measurement function turns your iPhone or iPad into an easy-to-use 3D scanner with a wide range of export options and comprehensive scale measurement functions, from length and angle measurement to area and volume measurement.

The 3D scans can be exported in various standard 3D formats (STL, OBJ, PLY). Where the format allows, the texture is also exported. In addition, the raw data of the 3D scans can also be exported directly.

Furthermore, it is also possible to export to the SEG format of the Dornheim Segmenter, which is freely available for desktop computers and in which complex 3D scenes including annotations, measurements and snapshots from different angles can be saved.

In addition to saving, viewing and exporting the 3D scans, another key feature is the ability to take comprehensive and varied measurements of the 3D scans. Due to the factory calibration of the TrueDepth camera used on the iPhone or iPad, the scale of the 3D scans is known, so that the real dimensions of the scanned objects can be determined directly in the 3D Scanner app.

Lengths, angles, areas and volumes can be measured both individually and in combination. The measurements can be performed in freely definable planes or directly on the surface of the 3D scans. Volumes can be measured both below and above a freely definable plane, so that both depressions and elevations can be measured.

The measurements are drawn in three dimensions and can additionally be exported for each 3D scan.