Dornheim 3D Scanner uses the FaceID camera to take true-to-scale 3D photos in order to carry out a wide variety of measurements. Measurements of lengths, distances, angles, surfaces, diameters, circumferences and volumes are possible. The dimensions can be determined both directly in 3D space and along the surface. Volumes can also be determined from elevations and depressions. The 3D photos and measurements can be imported and exported using various formats, including the SEG format of the Dornheim Segmenter.


With Dornheim 3D Scanner you can quickly and easily

  • Capture 3D photos to scale
  • Measure 3D photos to scale without tools
  • Import and export 3D photos and measurements
  • Create 3D photos and measurements for Dornheim Segmenter and Dornheim Real Anatomy


  • Measure lengths, distances, angles, surfaces, diameters, circumferences, volumes
  • Determine the volume of elevations and depressions
  • Perform measurements both in 3D space and on surfaces
  • Export to SEG, STL, OBJ, PLY
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish