Dornheim Real Anatomy is the leading platform for real anatomical cases in 3D for use in education, science and research. There are lots of datasets with both normal and pathological data. The cases contain the 3D data of all relevant structures as well as descriptions with images and videos in several languages. The platform is open and growing and also own datasets can be imported.


With Dornheim Real Anatomy you can fast and easily:

  • View real anatomy data interactively in 3D
  • Identify anatomical structures
  • Search anatomical structures
  • Load lots of real anatomical datasets
  • Import your own anatomical datasets


  • Lots of real anatomical cases
  • Interactive 3D views
  • Highlighting of structures and structure groups
  • Hierarchical view control of zoom, visibility and transparancy of all substructures
  • Predefined and personal views
  • Additional descriptions with images and videos
  • Normal and pathological data
  • Import of own anatomical cases
  • Available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Latin

The Premium subscription is currently free for school children and schools: Please contact our support for more information!



Monthly---as of $ 4.99/ € 5.99