Dornheim Cloud

The future of medicine is digital.

In times of globalization and increasing networking, digitalization plays an increasingly important role in many areas of society. With the Dornheim.Cloud, you decide on the ideal solution that gives you easy access to your documents, images, videos, 3D data, etc. at any time and from any place. At the same time, it is your digital door to colleagues - across institutions to all other people involved in a treatment and, above all, directly to the patient.

What do you need for this? Only a web browser and an internet connection. The Dornheim.Cloud is platform-independent and requires no installation of additional Add-ons. The data remains on the servers and is processed there. So, it makes no difference whether you access it via a powerful computer or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. With the accompanying app for mobile iOS and Android devices, you also get the perfect complement to access your account and data, e.g., to take photos directly with your smartphone, scan documents or record voice memos. These are helpful functions that make your daily clinical routine easier, especially when things need to be done quickly.

If you have any questions regarding use or our terms and conditions and privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

Price: € 0

With Basic access you get:

  • 500 MB memory space
  • Share in the cloud, by mail and by link
  • PDF viewer
  • PDF converter
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

Register for your free basic account to the Dornheim.Cloud. Store your data and access it from anywhere. Or share your data e.g. for a second opinion.

Price: € 11.89/month (incl. VAT)

With Premium access you also get:

  • 50 GB memory space
  • Only Office
  • PDF annotator
  • web integrated Dornheim DICOM Viewer

With a subscription to a premium account, you get access to the integrated web DICOM Viewer for experiencing your own image data in 3D, as well as document editing applications and further storage space.

With the Premium account you are on the right track if you want to:

  •     manage your own health record,
  •     do health management,
  •     store a lot of data
  •     want to view and share your 3D DICOM data in 2D and 3D and
  •     need more comfort.

Price: € 59.38/month (incl. VAT)

With Professional access you also get:

  • 250 GB storage space
  • share function, cloud-internally, by e-mail and by link,
  • Office-only program
  • PFD viewer function,
  • PDF annotation functions,
  • PDF converter,
  • calendar,
  • contacts,
  • notes,
  • Dornheim document search,
  • filterable data viewer,
  • image viewer
  • video player,
  • text viewer and text editor,
  • integrated Dornheim DICOM viewer,
  • full-text search to quickly find the file or data you are looking for, even in large data sets,
  • possibilities for tele- or remote medicine and collaboration with other doctors and nurses (text, audio, and video chat),
  • create your own groups so that data can be shared immediately with all group members,
  • anonymization function for DICOM data,
  • the possibility to use own templates, and e.g., create a whole folder structure with subfolders and file templates according to a model at once,
  • create reports.

With a subscription to a Professional account, the user receives more than just a powerful, multilingual web system for digital documentation. It offers many helpful functions to be discovered.

With the Professional account you are on the right track if you want to:

  • document digitally and manage your health file,
  • analyze, archive, save and back up data,
  • conduct health management,
  • collaborate remotely,
  • care for your patients digitally,
  • operate telemedicine, or
  • view 3D DICOM data directly in 2D and 3D.